Stillwater Medical Center Bill –


About Stillwater Medical Center


Stillwater Medical Center is dedicated to caring for people, healing people, helping people, encouraging people and guiding people through pain and discomfort. Stillwater has been voted as a Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare and a 98% Employee Satisfaction rate. The hospital employees also have raised over $80,000 for the United solution to date and Stillwater Leadership are focused on upholding standards of excellence and providing high excellent care due to their dwelling.

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Stillwater Medical Bill Office

  • Enables a Stillwater Infirmary customer to pay a bill online
  • The client will need a debit or debit card to make the payment
  • Any questions about the Clients bill should be directed to (405) 372-1480 or from emailing

Stillwater Clinic

  • Acute care general hospital
  • Operates over 100 beds using a full Array of medical services into the people of north central Oklahoma
  • Stillwater is a non profit hospital and is considered a public trust hospital facility

How to pay your Bill Online using Stillwater Medical Center:

  • In this Link will take you to the patient portal by clicking
  • Type the date of the statement in the first field on the form.
  • Give a record Locator number in the next column.
  • Give the amount due is now in the next field.
  • Type the amount of the payment now.
  • Provide the name of the address in the field next to it.
  • Type the payment amount first.
  • Select the type of card now.
  • Type the name of the card in the next field.
  • Provide card number after the current one.
  • Select the expiration date and then type in the verification code as well.
  • Type the phone number, address and then the name of the city.
  • Select the country and then type in the zip code after that.
  • Check the box if you agree with the terms of payment now.
  • Type the email address verification in the last field in the form.

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